BlueCity is an incubator for innovative companies looking to exchange their residual materials. Waste is a valuable building block within our ecosystem of social entrepreneurs and radical disruptants; the output from one company forms the input for another. And so we create an exemplary city for the circular economy. And that’s vital.

BlueCity is so called because it is largely based on the principles of the blue economy: we work with what is locally available, based on collaboration instead of competition, and generate a variety of income flows, by deploying output from one process as input for another process for example – exactly as nature does. Furthermore, we overlay the circles of the circular economy, resulting in networks; in turn, these are interlinked. All this with one and the same target: continuous innovation, job creation, reducing the waste mountain by seeing ‘waste’ as a commodity and amassing social capital without depleting the environment. That is truly the new economy.

And so we create an exemplary city for the circular economy. We then plan to roll out the Rotterdam-born innovations worldwide, in order to really make a difference.

Brains, balls and courage

“A swimming pool full of opportunities, that’s BlueCity. A playground for circular companies, using brains, balls, courage and fun while heading for an economy is which waste does not exist. In BlueCity, you’re served a portion of radical disruption with your coffee, and together we develop a world in which waste becomes valuable.”