Worldwide, we throw away one third of all our food. Bread is always in the top-3 of wasted food. What’s more, waste bread is one of the main causes of vermin in the city, including rats. The Rotterdam company called BroodNodig has found a solution to the waste bread problem: the BroodNodig010. This fermenter uses bacteria to convert waste bread into biogas. BroodNodig collaborates with neighbourhood organisations, mosques and children’s petting farms to collect the waste bread. BroodNodig then approaches Rotterdam-based bakeries who can heat their gas ovens using the biogas produced by a fermenter on their premises. BroodNodig keeps the energy circle round while limiting waste.

No bread to waste!

“Bread offers so many possibilities. However, BroodNodig is also a permanent waste campaign in which we prove to people that bread represents value and does not belong in the waste bin or on the street! No bread to waste!”