The purpose of EcoEuros is to stimulate recycling. They do so by rewarding people with a green discount voucher, the ecoeuro, when they deposit empty bottles or cans in an ecoeuro machine. The machines can be found all around Rotterdam’s Metro network. Ecoeuros can be used as payment at coffee cafes, florists, pizzerias and more. An alternative is for people to opt to donate their ecoeuros to a charity or social partner. To Blijdorp Zoo, for example. In turn, the zoo supports a project that fishes plastic waste from the oceans. A Win-Win situation therefore. The collected bottles and cans are recycled into new products. And so they create a circular economy and contribute to a clean living environment and a sustainable world.

Clean living environment and a sustainable world through rewards!

“Public transport company RET was looking for a smart and cost-saving way of collecting the plastic litter at metro stations. The idea was born to have the passengers do it themselves. How? By rewarding them! On depositing cans and PET bottles at one of the automated collection points, you’re earning rock-hard ecoeuros for them. Each can or bottle is worth 15 eco-eurocents! These can be spent locally.”