KEES makes slow fashion, from a clutch bag to a wedding dress and from earrings to a biker jacket, handmade from material originating from Dutch waste. Cool and eco-friendly! KEES works exclusively with waste and residual materials. These materials are obtained from various companies in the Rotterdam region. When KEES is in need of new materials, it makes sure they come from renewable sources and were produced responsibly.

The clothes produced by KEES are made by people with poor job prospects, such as the mentally challenged or those living on long-term benefits. The company is not interested in where the people come from, but in what they can do. By working with waste materials, KEES keeps production costs low and can sell the products at affordable prices. This not only ensures that the products are sustainable, but that they are also accessible to everyone.

Wear the difference!

“KEES believes that change is required. That change is possible and that it can be sustainable. KEES believes that companies can be honest. That happens where economics, ecology and society meet. Have you ever wondered why there are sales all year round? KEES has. Most of the products of the fashion industry are made to be thrown away. They are cheap, trashy and often produced under inhumane conditions. At KEES, you know what you’re buying. At KEES, you know who made it.”