Neste produces Neste Renewable Diesel, a renewable diesel which is refined using vegetable oil treated with hydrogen. This Renewable Diesel can be used as a replacement for fossil diesel and can also be mixed with fossil diesel or even used in a 100% concentration, without problems. As a by-product, NEXTBTL technology can be deployed to produce

renewable petrol and Bio-propane, for example.

Neste is currently expanding its business, with the construction of a Bio-propane production unit. The investment includes the base installation itself, as well as storage tanks and pipelines. The new unit will extract Bio-propane as an offshoot from the refinery. Bio-propane has properties comparable with those of fossil propane, making the product suitable for use in existing liquid petroleum gas (LPG) applications. With completion of the new plant planned for late 2017, Bio-propane production is expected to total 30,000-40,000 tons per year.

The only way is forward

“We need to tackle climate change, we need to look for less conventional fuels and we need to recycle where possible, making use of natural commodities in order to safeguard our future. Neste Renewables is doing so by launching a completely new, environment-friendly and renewable product very soon: Bio-propane, produced by the world’s first Bio-propane manufacturing unit, currently under construction on the Maasvlakte in Rotterdam!”